Beginner Training

The Beginner Training Class is taught by Coach Moe Gray. It is made for someone who has no basketball experience, through the intermediate level player. The age range for this class is 5-13 years old. The class emphasis is primarily on ball handling and conditioning, with a focus on layups from both half court and full court, fundamental passing, defense, basic team concepts, and proper shooting form. Ball handling drills focus on the use of dominant and off-hands, whether right or left-handed, to develop each player’s comfortability dribbling and shooting with either hand.

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Advanced Training

The Advanced Training Class is taught by Coach Reginald Kitchen, often assisted by Coach Moe Gray. This class is for the advanced player, normally ranging between the ages of 14 through college. This is a high intensity class with rapid fire drills and few breaks to increase players’ conditioning/stamina and prepare them for workouts and practices on the next level. The Advanced Class mostly consists of expert level ball handling drills, dribbling on the move, full court layups, making a move into a layup or shot, game simulation/scenarios, and intense post-workout conditioning.

Advanced Ball Handling Class

The Advanced Ball Handling Class is taught by both Coach Moe Gray and Coach Reginald Kitchen at least once a month/semi-private by request. It is a class open to ages 12 and up with advanced skill level. This class strictly focuses on advanced ball handling drills to get each player proficient in handling the ball with both hands, no matter their position. Drills consist of stationary and moving speed dribbles, two ball dribbles, moves on the move, and variations of advanced ball handling drills.

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Shooting Class


The Shooting Class is taught by both Coach Moe Gray and Coach Reginald Kitchen at least once a month/semi-private by request. It is a class open to ages 12 and up with advanced skill level. This class focuses on the 5 steps of shooting, and translating that into a real shot. The Shooting Class is a half step-by-step informational session, followed by a half workout using the 5 steps previously learned. Each players’ shooting steps and shot formation is analyzed one-by-one repeatedly to ensure proper shooting mechanics in repetition. Drills consist of dribbling into a shot, catch and shoot, and the legendary, “The Gun”, shooting machine.


High School Prep

High School Prep is taught by Coach Moe Gray. It is designed to prepare players for their transition into high school basketball. The workouts are high-intensity that cover a range of skill sets including ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, team drills, conditioning, and basketball IQ. We also include competitive five on five play to teach basic basketball movements and offensive/defensive concepts. Our holistic approach is to prepare players mentally, emotionally, and physically to be impact players on their respective high school teams.

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Spring Break Shooting Clinic

Improve your ball handling and shooting over spring break. Beginner to advanced classes from ages 10-17 years old. The clinic will be divided based on knowledge and experience. Elementary to high school kids are invited. The clinic includes ball handing, shooting (5 steps of shooting), competitive scrimmages, mental, physical, and emotional development, and collegiate special guest speakers. The class is from 9am-1pm from March 21st – March 24th at Park View High School, at only $200 per camper (sibling discounts available). Limited space is available. Only the first 100 registered campers will be guaranteed a spot. Don’t miss out on improving your ball handling and shooting fundamentals during spring break! Register here.

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Unlimited Training

We offer UNLIMITED professional basketball training for one low price! In an effort to prepare players and better equip them for their season we are offering 4 sessions per week Monday-Thursday for the low price of $250 for the entire month! The discount applies to Beginners Training sessions at the Ashburn Gold’s Gym from 4:30pm-5:30pm as well as Advanced Training at the Sterling & Herndon Gold’s Gym from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Sibling and friend discounts apply for 3 or more participants. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to prepare your player for the season! Register here or feel free to come into any of our three locations (Sterling, Herndon or Ashburn Gold’s Gym) to register in person. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or concerns.

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