Single Session Fees

For single training sessions, prices change. For Gold’s Gym members, the cost of a single session is $50. For non-Gold’s Gym members, the cost of a single session is $65. If you choose to sign-up for a multiple session contract, the single session fee will be applied to the total contract cost.

Beginner/Advanced Training

  • Unlimited classes
  • 30-day period
  • ball handling classes – $50/session
  • shooting classes – $50/session

Team Training

prices vary
  • For Questions/Inquiries Contact:
  • 703-727-3587
  • 703-728-1683

Session Payment FAQ?

How can I pay? Checks, credit cards, and cash are all accepted.

When do I pay? Payment must be made before class has begun, or before participation.

Where do I pay? You can pay at the gym when you arrive to the training session.

Who do I pay? The transaction can be handled by one of the coaches, however checks must be made to Gold’s Gym